Flat Stanley’s Adventure at Palmer’s Vineyard and Clark’s Botanical Gardens

Submitted by Aunt Toni and Uncle Jimmy for Ariana



My adventure began early Sunday morning.  Aunt Toni prepared picnic lunches for us, while Uncle Jimmy loaded his convertible sports car with his camera equipment.  They buckled me into the front seat and away we went.  The drive to Palmer’s vineyard is about 1½ hours from where Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Toni live.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful fall day.  The sun was shinning brightly and the wind brushing against my face while driving with the top down was exhilarating.   Uncle Jimmy had my favorite rock n roll station playing on the radio and we were cruising in style all the way there.  


We arrived at the vineyard and Aunt Toni took pictures of me outside next to the Palmer’s Vineyard sign and on the porch where the vineyard hours and types of grapes grown at the vineyard are posted.  We proceeded to start our tour of the vineyard, when I was stunned to discover that our guide for the day was a fellow flatie.  It turned out that our tour guide, Flat Frieda had been flatten several years ago when a wine barrel in her father’s vineyard came tumbling down on her.  Undaunted by this unfortunate turn of events, Flat Frieda also realized that her flatten state of being would serve her well and she has been traveling by mail to vineyards all over the world ever since. 


Our tour began with a stroll through the vineyards themselves where Flat Frieda pointed out the different types of grapes used for all the wines sold at the vineyard.  We then proceeded to the enormous machines which smash the grapes and then to the wheel barrels where the wine is stored before bottling.  Our final stop was a hayride through the vineyard and back to the main building.  Flat Frieda joined us for a picnic lunch as a blue grass band played on the porch.  Sensing that our day was coming to an end, Flat Frieda asked if she might be able to join us for rest of the day’s adventure.  I ask Aunt Toni and Uncle Jimmy and they were delighted to have Flat Frieda join us. 


The next stop on our adventure was a stroll through Clark’s Botanical Gardens in Albertson, NY.  Flat Frieda and I posed for pictures at the gate and then continued to tour the gardens.  It was near closing time when we arrived, so we didn’t have much time to see everything.  Uncle Jimmy took some interesting pictures of the flowers and us and then the guard warned the gates were closing in five minutes.  We gathered up our belongings and headed for home. 


Flat Frieda and I have been inseparable since we met and I plan on visiting some vineyards with her in the near future.  She was kind enough to accompany me back to your school so you will all have a chance to get to know her as well as I have.